A very sensible quote by Jeffrey Veen.

Leave it to us to do the design work for you. We don't claim to be the best professionals for the job, but we are pretty good at what we do.

Our philosophy is downright simple: Design comes first, running a business is secondary. Our passion for design is what fuels and inspires us to do what we do.


From conceptualization to delivering the finished product, our interpretation and execution is impeccable.

There are plenty of contractors in the market today, but if you're looking for quality work, fair pricing, and value for money, then we are the right one for you.

Your next generation of customers won't be coming from newspapers, magazines, or print.

Your website can be everywhere, engaging everyone, drawing in new customers to you, all the time. All your sales people combined can't do that.

We know websites, we can help you establish your online presence.

Design is not just about pantones and pixels. We focus on the important things - opening new channels for you, creating communication between you and your audience, helping you achieve your business goals.

We 'design forward', designing to keep your brand relevant through years to come.

This is our guarantee. We deliver what you need, with a personal touch.

We don't upsell what you don't need, and we never mislead you. We let our work speak for itself.

We try to build long lasting relations with our clients, sharing our passion for design with them.

Your company logo should be next in line. As these companies put their trust in us, it would be our pleasure to be able to collaborate with you.

Contact us about our design services today.

Igloo Media & Design Company is a fully collaborative design firm offering multidisciplinary services. The office is composed of a team of architects, product designers, graphic artists, and web designers who are passionate about design and architecture.

Our design expertise, constant search for fresh ideas and strive for innovation allow us to fully service our clients' needs, sharing in their visions and success.

Riding on more than 10 years of high level professional experience, we are the right company for all your design and construction needs. We design your future and build your success.
Design & Construction since 1998  -  A compilation of selected projects on websites, construction, and design works to show you our range of services and what we are capable of delivering.
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ONEVERA.COM is an online design magazine which showcases notable works on architecture & design, lifestyle & luxury to die for, and anything that we think is beautiful & awesome.
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We are Web 2.0

We don't just design good looking websites, we build them the right way. We don't just use the latest, but more importantly, the right technologies available:

standards compliant code

Just as the engine is vital to the overall design of a car, the code is to a website. Our programmers code semantically to make sure what's under the hood of your website adheres to the standards of the internet.

cross-browser compatibility

Our websites work on all browsers ensuring you the widest audience. The layout and features are tested on all major browsers to maintain consistency of design.

search engine optimized

What is the point of having a website if no one can find it? Our websites are designed to be "findable" and are indexed by the major search engines, so your customers can find you online.

responsive design

Browsing the internet today is no longer limited to desktop PCs and laptops. With the emergence of tablet devices and mobile browsing, we design your website to work on any  screen resolution.

Quality Craftsmanship

Before we were a design firm, we were a construction company. Unlike advertising agencies, all our construction work is done in-house. We can guarantee you quality craftsmanship and fair pricing. We build:

display modules
tradeshow, exhibit booths
carts, kiosks, demo stands
commercial & corporate setup
residential works & renovations


Passion for Pixels

Image is everything. That is why when we design, we pay great attention to detail. Every pixel counts! We can help you with:

logo design
product development
retail displays
posters & brochures
packaging design

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